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Dear friend of the animals,

we are the Cats of Antiparos and we have been in operation since October 2019 to help cats that starve, need medical help, don’t have homes etc. Our work has been of particular importance towards sterilizations of both males and females, as the problem of uncontrolled and constant births creates the appalling image of sick, starving, blind kittens and adult cats alike all over the island.

Within our two years of operation, we have managed to sterilize 600 cats: 200 with our own means and the rest collaborating with the sterilization programme of the Antiparos Municipality in the premises of Animal Welfare Antiparos.

We have also saved 200 cats from certain death (due to eye problems, injured by cars, severe cat flu, etc). In late June 2021, while we were organizing our annual bazaar to raise money, we received a call from a tourist who had found an injured cat under some rocks in St George beach. We run there immediately. What we saw is beyond words. A cat with two broken legs, with bones visible on her flesh. Unable to walk, hide or protect herself, she would have been eaten alive by crows and rats. She was severely dehydrated, scared and desperate, but determined to survive. We took her to an animal clinic in Paros providing immediate surgery and all the treatment she needed. She will be able to walk again and we are doing out best to find a forever home for her. This is the story of our girl Luna. One of our rescue survivors. But there are so many more like her.

Apart from caring for the injured and sick, we are daily feeding 250 cats across the island, thanks to our active volunteer network. Last, but not least, we have recently been very active in finding stray cats homes: four have been adopted in Barcelona, two in Zurich, four in Athens, two in Munich, one in London and one in Milan.

Our furry friends struggle with shorter and miserable lives without organizations like ours. We wish we could give each animal a home, but it is always a challenge. We need money for supplies like common but good quality dry food, special food for kittens, medicine (eye drops to reduce the number of blind kittens, antibiotics, anti-worm tablets, pain killers etc), to keep them safe and healthy. That is why we are asking for your help.

With a donation you can help Cats of Antiparos continue its work. We are able to provide these lovable animals with food, love, medical care and homes because of our effort and supporters like you. And who knows, with your help we would probably make our dream come true: organize and run an animal clinic on the island. Something that will make the lives of our furry friends so much better.

If you would like to help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We would love any help you could provide and we are sure that our furry friends would be forever grateful.

Cats of Antiparos